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In the high desert region of the Southwestern United States, between 5,500 and 7,000 feet, resides one of New Mexico’s most precious assets, Pinus edulis, the New Mexico Pinon Tree. She is often called the “Manna” of the desert. Her nutritious fruit, the Pinon nut, has sustained life in all forms throughout the Colorado Plateau for centuries. She rests in groves among her peer and cousin, the Juniper tree. Many know of her but few really know her beauty, magic, spiritual significance and allure. She is high, wild and free. She clings to the rim of the canyons, taking root in the solid rock. cliffs, and endures the ravages of nature.
  • In all the natural world the Pinon tree is the only tree for which a specific bird is named: the “Pinon Jay.”
  • The Pinon Jay shares a special relationship with the tree. When the tree bears fruit in the fall, the Jay consumes the nut which triggers its breeding cycle.
    An aphrodisiac quality is inherent in the Pinon nut.
  • The New Mexico Pinon tree is one of eleven species of soft pine that are known as North American nut pines
  • The Pinon tree in New Mexico is known scientifically as “Pinus edulis.” Its distinguishing characteristics are needles in bundles of two. It is the prominent nut pine in the Southwest.


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