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Frequently Asked Questions

What are piñons?

In the high desert mountains of the Southwest, piñon pine trees grow wild. The nut they produce is fairly rare and prized for its smooth and sweet, buttery taste.

How do you get the Piñon flavoring in your coffee?

Over 20 years ago, our piñon coffee was created with a blend of Arabica coffee, a very small amount of piñon nuts, and a custom piñon flavoring. Due to allergy concerns and the fluctuating piñon crops, we have used a blend of 100% Arabica coffee beans and a small amount of a piñon flavoring to make our coffee since 2015. This flavoring is free of potential allergens and helps us keep the piñon flavor consistent with every cup!

Where do you get your beans from?

Our coffee requires a set taste profile, so we normally receive a variety of different Arabica beans at a time from all over the Central and South America. Then mix them to meet our taste profile and try to keep the taste as consistent as possible.

Is it organic?

We are constantly changing the blend to maintain the same taste. Consequently, not all the plantations we use are “Certified Organic”.

What decaffeination method is used?

Our decaf coffee bean provider uses a unique decaffeination method called UVVW. The caffeine is removed from these beans gently, using ultrasound, vapor, vacuum, and water (UVVW), leaving the coffee flavor, body, and aroma in the beans for you to enjoy.

The UVVW method of decaffeination removes between 97 to 98.5% of caffeine from a batch of coffee. The Food and Drug Administration has set its official safety limit for decaffeinated coffee at 10 parts per million (ppm). The UVVW process guarantees 5ppm or lower; although this process generally produces less than 1ppm. A cup of 97% decaffeinated coffee contains about 1-5 mg caffeine, so our UVVW Decaf can be expected to contain even less.

How do you recommend brewing the coffee?

We recommend using 2 Tbsp (5 g) of coffee for every 6 fl oz. (180 ml) of cold filtered water. You can use more or less coffee for desired strength.

How do you recommend for it to be stored?

Coffee should be closed securely and stored in a cabinet or cupboard. We do not recommend storage in freezers or refrigerators.

Where can we get your coffee other than through your website?

You can find our coffee in almost every grocery store throughout New Mexico, on the shelf in Costco Colorado, and a variety of other places. Check out our Product Locator to find the nearest location near you!

Where can I find your coffee that used to be at Trader Joe's?

You can still order online through our website, the flavor is called Traditional Piñon. Traditional Piñon is available in a 12oz, 2lb, and 5lb size. Unfortunately, our 16oz can size has been discontinued.

For more info, you can call or email us. You can also try our Store Locator.

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