THAT’S a Coffee Flavor?!

Piñon coffee has been our staple flavored coffee since day one. It’s a unique flavor that our loyal customers can’t stop drinking, and it’s a coffee that new customers can’t get out of their head after the first sip. When we tell them we have almost 30 other flavors to choose from, over half with our Traditional Piñon coffee as … Read More

By Any Other Name

On the way in to work today I stopped by our Piñon Coffee House, which just celebrated its first anniversary. I picked up my favorite biscochito latte and headed into the office. I have to say, nothing smells better than coffee. Sniff…mmmm….the perfect combination of scents that send my brain synapsis pinging around my cranium. Between the caffeine boost and … Read More

Latte Art

There are seldom better things than a hot cup of coffee to get your morning started right . . . Unless you add a fluffy kitten. To your coffee.   As most coffee lovers share: we appreciate the little things in life. Latte art has been trending all across the globe because who doesn’t like to see the art of … Read More

Crockpot Chicken with a Coffee BBQ Sauce

Around here it comes as no surprise we love our coffee. So, when I saw this recipe for coffee BBQ sauce, I had to try it. I decided to use this recipe and make crockpot BBQ chicken. This way I could put it on when I got to the office and it would be ready for everyone by lunch! I … Read More

Grounds for Divorce

The other morning I stumbled into the kitchen only to be greeted by my husband grumbling and staring at the coffee maker. He gave me an incredulous look then asks, “Considering where you work, how can we possibly be out of coffee?” I told him it was a classic case of the barber’s kid always needing a haircut and followed … Read More

A Pressing Matter

In a continuation with the theme of answering my most frequently asked questions, I am going to take the plunge and discuss the French Press. The first coffee press originated in France in the late 1800’s, but the patent was issued to a Milanese designer in 1929. The modern press consists of a narrow glass cylinder equipped with a tightly … Read More

To Freeze or Not to Freeze

TO FREEZE OR NOT TO FREEZE THAT IS THE QUESTION I thought I would ring in the New Year by answering some of the questions I got asked most frequently during the holidays about our coffee. I am going to start with a basic, yet very important question today. What is the best way to store coffee? Boy, I wish … Read More

Last Minute Holiday Help for Procrastinators

LAST MINUTE HOLIDAY HELP FOR PROCRASTINATORS FROM PERKY ANGEL PANTS (THAT’S MY OFFICIAL ELF NAME) I admit this blog is a little late in the season. But Christmas does something weird to me. I am usually the most methodical person in the known universe. Really. I organize my closets seasonally and they are arranged by color with all matching hangers. … Read More

In The Dark

I hear people say all the time that they prefer dark roast coffee over medium because they get a bigger caffeine jolt from it. Score another one for the urban legend files. Right up there with Big Foot and giant alligators living in storm drains is the myth that the darker the roast, the more caffeinated the coffee. In actuality, … Read More

The Skinny on Green Coffee Beans

There always seems to be some new miracle cure for melting away those extra pounds hanging out around my middle. OK, maybe it’s not just my middle. I’m game to get rid of bulge no matter where it’s located. So, when a popular TV doctor sang the praises of green coffee bean extract for weight loss I practically wept. The … Read More