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Hario Technica Coffee Syphon

Hario Technica Coffee Syphon

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Hario Technica Coffee Syphon Deets

Part coffeemaker, part chemistry experiment, the Hario Technica Coffee Syphon is a marriage of science and craftsmanship for a truly unique brewing experience.

The bottom bulb is filled with water, while the top bulb gets ground coffee and a filter. The Hario Technica comes with an alcohol burner that you place under the water bulb. As the water boils, it pushes the water up the tube through the filter and into the ground coffee. Once all of the water has been pushed into the top bulb, evenly soaking your ground coffee, you can keep the burner on or remove it from under the brewer. The longer you leave the burner on, the longer your coffee will extract. Once you remove the burner, the now brewed coffee will flow down the tube and into the bottom bulb. You're now ready to go to enjoy a delicious mug of syphon-brewed coffee!

Includes syphon brewer, alcohol burner (fuel not included), washable cloth filter, and coffee scoop.