3 Cold Brew Recipes to Indulge this Summer

3 Cold Brew Recipes to Indulge this Summer

Summer and cold brew are the perfect combination, so what better way to cool down and beat the summer heat than with a tasty and refreshing cold brew recipe? There are more ways to enjoy cold brew than with just a glass and some ice, so continue reading as we list out the top three cold brew recipes to try out this summer. 

1. Milk & Mint Coffee Popsicles
Nothing says summertime like popsicles, so what if you combined this delicious treat with your favorite iced caffeinated beverage? But not just any popsicles–creamy milk, mint, and coffee popsicles. Not only is this a refreshing way to get your caffeine kick in the morning, but it’s also still technically iced coffee!
First, tear up some mint leaves and place them into the bottom of popsicle molds, pour half and half on top about a quarter of the way up, and freeze until somewhat solid (about 15-20 minutes). After that, place popsicle sticks into the molds, and freeze for another 20 minutes until fully solid. For the final step, pour your favorite cold brew to top off the molds, freeze for about 40 minutes until they’re set, then you can enjoy this tasty cold brew treat. 

2. Vietnamese Style Iced Coffee
Though the traditional recipe is a bit more involved, you can make a simple rendition of a Vietnamese-style iced coffee in your own home by mixing a cold brew concentrate with sweetened condensed milk. Both creamy and sweet, this version of cold brew has been a staple for ages, and it’ll surely be a new favorite of yours all summer long. 

3. Coffee Tonic
It may sound peculiar, but this dynamic combination makes for a truly refreshing beverage. You can try mixing your favorite sparkling water with cold brew for a classic treat or try out flavored waters for some extra depth. Some flavors you may want to try out include peach, vanilla, mint, or any other combination you desire.  
Trying out any of these three recipes is sure to give you the cold brew refresh you need heading into the summer. So even if you have a preferred way to prepare your cold brew, try mixing it up with one of the suggestions here, or you can even craft your own original recipes at home. 
Bailey Schramm is a writer in partnership with outdoor and recreational fabric retailer, Seattle Fabrics. 
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