Roasting Great Coffee in the Heart of the Southwest Since ‘94

Way back in 1994,

New Mexico Piñon Coffee began with a small 15lb roaster in the bed of a 1952 Chevy pickup. With his loyal dog Decaf by his side, our founder created one of the Southwest’s most iconic coffee blends using high-quality Arabica coffee beans and roasted piñon pine nuts.

Fast forward 30 years, and we’re now one of the largest coffee roasters in the state. While many things have changed, each batch of our flavored coffee is still made with carefully sourced Arabica coffee and unique flavorings, free of artificial ingredients, to ensure every cup is smooth and delicious with notes of Southwestern flavor.

Doing What We Believe In

New Mexico Piñon Coffee is built on five Core Values and the promise of Enriching Lives Through Love of Coffee that are central to who we are. These Core Values drive what we do, the decisions that we make, and how we approach new challenges and opportunities as they arise.

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  • Matt Bregar


  • Madison Rumbaugh

    Director of Business Development

  • Bob Bruce

    Director of Operations

  • Jessica Frisbie

    Accounting & Human Resources Manager

  • Christina Ortiz

    Director of Piñon Coffee House Operations

  • Brandon Seider

    Director of Engineering

  • Mike Paduano

  • Norm Hubbard


  • Melissa Flores

    Production Manager

  • Rebecca Noll

    Quality Assurance Manager

  • Anthony Rodriguez

    Bakery Manager

    Piñon Coffee House

  • Ira Crawley

    Store Manager, Alameda

    Piñon Coffee House

  • Grace Hausenfleck

    Store Manager, 4th St

    Piñon Coffee House

  • Hope Carvey

    Store Manager, 528

    Piñon Coffee House

  • Betty Berigan

    Assistant Production Manager

Production Crew

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