Employee Fun Day 2022

Employee Fun Day 2022

This year the employee fun day was filled with intense ping pong tournaments, food, games, and a dunk tank! The day started out with an intense game of Ping Pong. Between six teams only one could come out on top! The Hellfire Club came out as the winners of this year's tournament, will they be able to defend the title in 2023?

The Winning Team - The Hellfire Club!

Of course it isn't a fun day without games!

We like to have fun around here!

The day ended with a dunk tank, no one was safe, bosses, coworkers, managers, they were all dunked in good fun! We love a chance to let everyone have fun and let loose, this year's fun day is going to be a hard one to beat next year!

Everyone was making a SPLASH!

Taylor Mills is the Marketing Coordinator for New Mexico Piñon Coffee. 
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