Movies that Make Us Crave Coffee

Movies that Make Us Crave Coffee

We’ve all been there: we’re watching a movie and suddenly–we get a craving for what the characters on screen are eating or drinking. This couldn’t be any more true than with coffee, as it’s been the subject of a scene in major movies more than a few times. Continue reading below as we recall some of the movies with iconic coffee-related scenes that make you want to stop what you’re doing and grab a mug. 

Groundhog Day
Bill Murray’s character in Groundhog Day delivers a powerful scene when we witness him accept that he’s living in an endless cycle of the same day over and over again. Thus, he realizes he will not face any of the health consequences of his eating, drinking, or smoking habits. 
Shoving cheesecake in his mouth, lighting up a cigarette, and pouring an urn of coffee directly into his mouth, we yearn to experience the same carefree and easy-going mentality about life as we see in this scene–all with an endless supply of coffee but minus the repetitiveness. 


It’s nearly unforgettable when Buddy the Elf is freshly in New York City arriving from the utopian North Pole, and we see the Big Apple practically through the eyes of a child. Between eating gum that he’s plucked up off the handrails to believing that Santa is jogging on the street, we watch a brief interaction where Buddy notices a coffee shop claiming to sell the “World’s Best Cup of Coffee”. 
Not only does Buddy take this at face value, but he enthusiastically cheers and congratulates them, receiving only unsavory glances in return. We’re not sold that the coffee shop truly sells the world’s best coffee, but it still makes our mouths water for a nice cup of joe. 

Sudden Impact
From the movie that gave us the unforgettable line, “Go ahead, make my day”, comes the iconic scene where Clint Eastwood’s character is served a large black coffee full of an unseemly amount of sugar. After this peculiar coffee order is used as a sort of warning signal to the cop, it’s hard to not want a steaming brew as it saves the day in this scene. 
There are countless other films where coffee steals the show and brings on a hankering for caffeine, though there’s no doubt that watching any of these movies will make you want to pull out the coffee maker and brew up a fresh pot. 
Bailey Schramm is a writer in partnership with designer silverware retailer, Silver Superstore. 
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