The Skinny on Green Coffee Beans

The Skinny on Green Coffee Beans

There always seems to be some new miracle cure for melting away those extra pounds hanging out around my middle. OK, maybe it’s not just my middle. I’m game to get rid of bulge no matter where it’s located.

So, when a popular TV doctor sang the praises of green coffee bean extract for weight loss I practically wept. The clouds parted, sunbeams shone through and angels sang. Well, maybe not the angel part happened. I did have a giddy fit of giggles accompanied by the happy dance upon hearing the news, though. You’ve got to understand I work at a coffee factory and have unlimited access to all the green coffee beans a person could want! I had visions of buying skinny jeans and throwing out my Spanx.

For two weeks a few of my coworkers and I drank a green coffee extract, but made no other dietary changes. Let’s just say, I’m glad I kept my elastic waist mom pants! Not one of us lost any weight. Were we an anomaly? Not really. After investigating several studies about green coffee bean extract, there is no conclusive scientific evidence that validates any weight loss claim, especially as it relates to long term success.

Chlorogenic acid is the ingredient in green coffee beans thought to be responsible for weight loss. It’s believed to slow the absorption of fat from food intake and activate metabolism. This compound is in all coffee beans, but is mostly burned off during the roasting process, so it is in higher concentrations in green beans.

Ok, so the green coffee diet didn’t work out. There’s still a silver lining to those parted clouds; l work in a coffee factory! I have unlimited access to the best roasted coffee around! I think I prefer my java roasted with a hint of piñon and steaming hot any how!

Aleta Hallemeier is a writer and the Roastery Shop Manager for New Mexico Piñon Coffee.
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