To Freeze or Not to Freeze

To Freeze or Not to Freeze


I thought I would ring in the New Year by answering some of the questions I got asked most frequently during the holidays about our coffee. I am going to start with a basic, yet very important question today. What is the best way to store coffee? Boy, I wish I had a nickel for every time I get asked this one. I’d be writing my Blog from the French Riviera. Mmmm…Riviera.

OK, I zoned there for a minute. Now, there are many schools of thought when it comes to storing coffee. Here at NMPC we feel the advice of the NCA (National Coffee Association) is the best. According to the NCA it is important to keep coffee away from excessive air, moisture, heat and light. For the most flavorful java, don’t store it in the refrigerator or freezer. It could get exposed to odor and moisture in the fridge. Instead, store in air-tight metal or ceramic containers like our Airscape Coffee Vaults and keep it in a convenient, but dark and cool location. Remember that a cabinet near the stove is often too warm.

It is also fine to store your coffee in our specially designed bags with the one-way valves. They do not let oxygen in to damage your beans. After each use, roll the bag down, press out the air and reseal with the included bag tape.

I hope you find this tip helpful. Remember, knowledge is power. You tell those coffee beans who’s boss!

Aleta Hallemeier is a writer and the Roastery Shop Manager for New Mexico Piñon Coffee.
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