Honey Lavender Latte

Nutritional Information

  • Hot
    Regular Large
    Calories 353 450
    Total Fat 19g 24g
    Cholesterol 74mg 93mg
    Sodium 152mg 230mg
    Total Carbs 37g 45g
        Fiber 0g 0g
        Sugar 32g 39g
    Protein 9g 14g

  • Iced
    Regular Large
    Calories 354 396
    Total Fat 19g 21g
    Cholesterol 74mg 81mg
    Sodium 155mg 190mg
    Total Carbs 37g 41g
        Fiber 0g 0g
        Sugar 32g 35g
    Protein 9g 11g

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Nutritional information is based on averages. Add-ons such as alternative milks, whipped cream, and more will change nutritional information.